Frederick Grippo



Frederick Grippo

Grippo grew raised in Marlboro Township, New Jersey, and graduated from Marlboro High School in 1998, where he continued his education. He subsequently attempted to acquire a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the famed Business School at Rutgers University, which is located in his home state of New Jersey.

Earlier in his career, Frederick Grippo worked as a sales representative for Merrill Lynch. He swiftly rose to the top of the financial advisors' ranks, serving high-net-worth people, business owners, and corporate 401K accounts, among others. He made the decision to relocate closer to home and experiment with something new. The automobile industry is one example. He was promoted to General Sales Manager after gaining a thorough understanding of the industry and successfully shifting an average of 52 units each month for a period of time. Thus, Grippo was made responsible for three locations and a total of 124 employees. He had discovered the thing for which he was naturally gifted, and others were clearly aware of this as well as he.

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Grippo founded and successfully built Empire Health Group, an insurance brokerage, out of a desire to broaden his horizons and work for himself. Empire Health Group enjoyed significant development under Grippo's tenure, expanding to include various satellite locations and more than 23 agents.

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